Breaking the Waves

I was glad for the break in the rain. I went out to buy groceries, and then I watched Lars von Trier’s “Breaking the Waves.” I liked the soundtrack of 1970s songs from the likes of Mott the Hoople, Elton John, and David Bowie. Emily Watson, who is the star of the movie, is not to be confused with Emma Watson. Emily Watson was born in 1967 and appeared in “Gosford Park,” “War Horse,” and “The Theory of Everything.” Emma Watson was born in 1990 and was Hermione in the Harry Potter movies. I could not stand “Dogville,” and I thought I detected connections between “Breaking the Waves” and that film. I would say that the weakness in the story of “Breaking the Waves” was Jan’s request that Bess have sex with other men. What is this really supposed to do? The audience is supposed to not question it because Bess doesn’t question it. The movie is about sacrifice and a belief in God. The movie becomes messy. There is a lesson in there, which is to watch your head when you are on an oil rig. Why did Jan carelessly stand up as he did? It seemed liked it was to set the crisis in the story in motion. The Bess character made me think of Mary as played by Barbara Hershey in “The Last Temptation of Christ.” The ending made me think of what happened to Gram Parson’s body after he died, but those last moments didn’t seem magical to me. I can’t see why people like Martin Scorsese rated this film so highly. I question how much Lars von Trier really thought about his subject matter. Of all of his films, the one I would see again would be “Melancholia.” Emily Watson was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for this film. The other nominees that year were Diane Keaton, Kristin Scott Thomas, Brenda Blethyn, and Frances McDormand. McDormand was the winner for “Fargo.” Lars von Trier was born in 1956. He is not my favorite film director. I think he should have known better at his age. I went to the record store and bought CDs of Sleater-Kinney and Wagner’s Das Rheingold. The Chicago Bears were winning against the Cowboys. I will feel disgusted if the Cowboys make the playoffs with a losing record. I watched the Kung Fu episode “A Lamb to the Slaughter.” I couldn’t sit down and watch Scarlett Johansson on the Colbert show. Why should I listen to a woman who has already been divorced twice? James Corden and Eddie Redmayne did a funny bit with singing messages and balloons, although inevitably it went on for too long. Corden also sang several Christmas songs with Kacey Musgraves. Rebel Wilson is still appearing everywhere, and she was on the show, too. Some of the people who died on December 6 include Anthony Trollope (1882), Lead Belly (1949), Roy Orbison (1988), Frances Bavier (1989), Don Ameche (1993), Werner Klemperer (2000), and Dobie Gray (2011). Today is a birthday for Judd Apatow (52), Janine Turner (57), Tom Hulce (66), and JoBeth Williams (71). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for December 6, The Beatles released their first Christmas record in 1963. In 1964, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” premiered on CBS. In 1975, Paul Simon had the Number One album on the Billboard chart, “Still Crazy After All These Years.” In 1981, the Warren Beatty political drama “Reds” was Number One at the box office. In 1985, “Runaway Train,” starring Jon Voight and Eric Roberts, was released. In 1993, Don Ameche died of cancer at age 85.

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